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Air Filtration - Protect your valuable equipment investment:

The invisible air around us often contains varoius quantities of microscopic dust and abrasive particles too small for the naked eye to see. Particulates, gases, chemicals, man-made and natural fibers from plants and trees, volcanic ash, dust and soot from combustion - especially automobiles, trucks and various manufacturing plants are suspended in the air that can seriously damage your equipment gradually over time.

These airborne contaminants are especially hard on the tightly fitted, precision-machined moving parts in all air compressors and engines. Abrasive dust particles can cut and scour metal surfaces which move back and forth against each other. Filtration is intended to protect and prolong the life of these highly machined surfaces by removing the wear-causing contaminants before they have the opportunity to cause damage.

Air filters present the first barrier of protectionby stopping most wear causing particles from entering the unit. Rated usuallybetween 10 and 40 microns, they take out the larger particles entering throughthe air stream. Materials normally used consist of paper or synthetic media,and are generally surface loading. (Contaminants adhere to the surface of thefilter media.)

The power consumed by your air compressor is affected significanty by the pressure drop across this inlet air filter. Clogged filters waste your expensive electricity every moment the machine is running. Just a small investment for a clean air filter can pay for itself in just a few running hours of improved equipment efficiency !

Oil Filtration - Keep the life blood of your machine running smoothly:

A clean oil filter presents your second barrier of protection for your expensive equipment. These are usually rated between 10 - 20 microns depending on the applications and lubricant. A wide variety of filter materials range from simple paper to highly engineered synthetic types, and can be surface loading or depth loading. (contaminants enter the filter media and are trapped within the depth of the media, rather than only at the surface.)

Canister Type - These include a replaceable element inside a metal or plastic canister. The canister must be opened, and the new filter element installed inside the housing. Elements are available in a wide variety of materials (metal mesh, synthetic, paper, or cloth) and are manufactured in a range of micron ratings compatible to or exceeding the OEM specifications.

Spin-on Element - Simply remove the entier assembly by spinning off the entire filter and replacing with a new one - just like most cars. Optional materials include synthetic, paper, metal mesh or cloth, with a micron rating that can match or exceed the original manufacturer specifications depending on your needs at your site.

Please consult the documentation included with your machine or request the manufacturer to provide the necessary part number reference information as needed.

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