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Blower Fluid

PFI - Blower Fluid


PFI's SYNTHETIC BLOWER LUBRICANTS are blended from the highest quality base stocks available. They are blended with PFI's most advanced additive system, and are designed specifically for the gears and bearings in rotary lobe blowers. They exhibit outstanding resistance to oxidation, shear, and thermal degradation. These lubricants have excellent lubricity and anti-wear properties. PFI SYNTHETIC BLOWER LUBRICANTS provide excellent protection against rust and corrosion. They also provide unusual protection from foaming and air entrainment. They are designed to provide maximum protection in all types of rotary lobe blowers.

  • Excellent Oxidation Stability
  • Very High Viscosity Index
  • High Flash & Auto Ignition Points
  • Very Low Volitility
  • Excellent Film Strength
  • Excellent Coolant Properties
  • Good Dispersant Properties
  • Very Long Fluid Life
  • Excellent Rust & Corrosion Control
  • Excellent Carbon and Varnish Control
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Excellent Water Separation
  • Reduced Lubricant Consumption
Viscosity Index#171
AGMA Number5
Vis cSt 40°C200.1
Vis cSt 100°C27.0
Vis SUS 100°F927.0
Vis SUS 212°F129.0
Flash Point °F515
Auto-Ignition Point °F790
Pour Point °F-45.0
Timken "OK" Load Lb.65
1 Hr, Four Ball Scar Dia (mm)0.40
Four Ball Weld, Kg170
Copper Corrosion, 24 Hr.1a
Rust TestPass
Demulsibility, 130 °F, 30min40/40/0
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