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Performance Filtration is a Distributor of Blower Filters, and Air Filter Cartridges of all Sizes. We can makes custom Air Filters for Industrial Compressor Application. Below is a detailed information regarding the differences between Polyester (Synthetic Media) Felt versus Paper Media. Applications are too numerious to name here, but typical applications include Air Intake into Compressors - Ingersoll-Rand, Sullair, Atlas Copco, etc, used in this application to clean the air from particles reducing the wear and tear and damage to expensive equipment, and reducing particles being trapped by costly Air/Oil Separators within the Compressors.


Paper is considered a lower initial cost item. Although it can be cleaned, there is a low limit of the number of cleanings. Higher overall cost. PRICE Can be competitive in price though sometimes higher initial cost. If cleaning and reusing is achieved, overall cost will be less than paper.
Paper has a smooth surface, therefore less capacity than a fibrous felt material. Shorter life span, more servicing and maintenance. DIRT HOLDING More surface fibers on felt for greater dirt holding capacity. Longer operating time before servicing, less maintenance.
In order for paper media to be equivalent to felt media in dirt holding capacity, you need four times the surface area. FILTER AREA One-fourth the surface area needed to be the same as paper.
Paper will rip and tear when wet and usually pleats will split, opening up a large area for bypassing. STRENGTH Stronger and will accept moisture. Better equipment protection. If bypassing occurs, it would be due to small holes that could eventually be covered by contaminant.
Although paper claims to be washable, it will lose strength and should not be cleaned more than 3 times. After the first cleaning, paper loses 25% of dirt holding capacity and 10% after each additional cleaning. CLEANING Can be cleaned effectively by compressed air, vacuuming, or by washing in mild soap & water. With regular maintenance, cleaning can be accomplished 10 or more times.
Pressure loss through paper is unpredictable. Difficult to schedule proper shut downs for cleaning and replacing. PRESSURE DROP Pressure loss is gradual and one can predict reaching a maximum loss so shut downs can be scheduled.
A variety of efficiencies are available, but with some limitations. EFFICIENCY Efficiencies and a variety of media for chemical and temperature compatibility.

The Best Reason to use a Synthetic Felt Media is Re-Usability. Typically, customers can expect these filters to be re-washed 6-8 times, some have even reused these 10 times.

Take a look at how to Clean the Synthetic Media Air Filters.

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