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Separator Sizing Chart

To find the particular sizing for your separator, click on the drop boxes to limit it to a particular size.
If you want to order it by something other than flange, click on the fields above the drop box.

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PFI#DescFlangeHeighthBase ODI.D.HolesC/PEndsCFMWgtNotes
Get PriceSEPARATOR-AIR/OIL 2.3602.7501.560   10  
Get PriceSEPARATOR-AIR/OIL 2.9402.7501.560   40  
Get PriceSEPARATOR-AIR/OIL 3.7503.1201.090   20  
Get PriceSEPARATOR-AIR/OIL 4.0008.1206.000   50  
Get PriceSEPARATOR-AIR/OIL 4.0002.7501.630   60 O-C G-4H
Get PriceSEPARATOR-AIR/OIL 4.7504.8802.680   280  
Get PriceSEPARATOR-AIR/OIL 4.7507.2504.880   50  
Get PriceSEPARATOR-AIR/OIL 4.7504.8802.680   25  
Get PriceSPIN-ON SEPARATOR 5.0003.7500.870   1151.6Spin-On - 12-pitch, hex bolt-top
Get PriceSEPARATOR-AIR/OIL 5.0003.1201.310 C 1850.6thr-lip, hex-closed end
Get PriceSEPARATOR-AIR/OIL 5.1204.1202.310 P 50  
Get PriceSEPARATOR-AIR/OIL 5.1202.7501.380   15  
Get PriceSEPARATOR-AIR/OIL 5.5004.8102.440   50  
Get PriceSEPARATOR-AIR/OIL 5.5605.9403.860   50  
Get PriceSEPARATOR-AIR/OIL 5.8105.3103.380   130  
Get PriceSEPARATOR-AIR/OIL 5.8804.4402.560   452.0 
Get PriceSEPARATOR-AIR/OIL 6.0005.8703.620   50 O-O
Get PriceSEPARATOR-AIR/OIL 6.3803.2501.880   35 2G-L ID-boot1.25
Get PriceSEPARATOR-AIR/OIL 6.4404.4402.560   456.0no G
Get PriceSEPARATOR-AIR/OIL 6.5007.7505.500   90 O-O G


GGaskets Top & Bottom
G-LGaskets - Loose
G-#HGasket - # Holes
G-FlGaskets - Flat
GORO-Ring set in Grooves
OR-LOrings - Loose
OR-FNOrings - on Fluted Neck
PUT-MPick-Up Tube - Mounted
PUT-LPick-Up Tube - Loose
CSCenter Straps
CH.69Center Hole - diameter
NSNo Straps
BRWith Bridge
SHWith Shroud
DHWith Drain Hole
COECap on One End
DOMDomed End
SOEStraps on One End
SEStraps on Ends
CBCenter Bolt
IRDInner Ring Diameter
HDHole Diameter #
SD-FStep-Down Flange
IN/O-FLInside-Out Flow
OUT/IN-FOutside In Flow
FL-ClFlange - Clipped
FL-CGFlange - Cork Gasket
FL-PHOFlange - Position Holes have an Offset
FL-#HFlange - #Hole
FL-NFlange - Notches
FL-FFlange - Flush, no step down
FL-B#Flange - Base #diameter

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